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EU: EASO Report. Record number of asylum applications in Germany, 222,000 in a year. Italy follows with 128,000

(Brussels) Germany remains the country with the highest number of requests for international protection (222,000 received last year) and also tops the list for processed cases. With 524,000 cases decided, Germany accounted for 53% of all decisions issued by the EU (996,000) in 2017. Other countries that issued a large number of decisions on asylum and international protection included France (11% of the EU total), Italy (8%), and Sweden and Austria (6% each). As regards access to procedure, EASO reports that in 2017 “the main receiving countries for asylum applicants were Germany, Italy, France, Greece, and the United Kingdom”. The top four countries remained the same as in 2016, while the United Kingdom replaced Austria as the fifth main receiving country. “These five countries jointly accounted for three quarters of all applications lodged in the EU”. For the sixth consecutive year, Germany, as noted above, was the main receiving country for requests for international protection. “Despite a 70 % decrease in applications lodged in 2017 compared to 2016, its total of 222,560 applications was almost double that of any other receiving country”. Italy was the second main receiving country with 128,850 applications, followed by France with over 100,000”.

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